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We are your best choice for tasty & delicious meals!

Choice Cuisine is an innovative catering service that caters for forward-thinking companies and individuals with fresh and energizing food and beverages all the days of the week and for special events and occasions. Our service is designed for people who believe that taking good care of themselves is a smart life choice. You can come dine in, takeout or order for your food to be delivered.

Our lunch delivery service will help you save time by simplifying lunch logistics and make you attract top talents: Staff going out to find a good place they can afford to get food from, standing in long queues, waiting for food to be served ... etc is a huge waste of resources. We return that time to your team and the best and brightest people flock to the best workplaces so by offering a forward-thinking benefit like our service, you make it crystal clear to prospective employees that you value and invest in your people.


Our goal is to change how you eat and get good good. To make it fast, easy and convenient! If you're looking for a food service in Accra that offers fast convenience whenever you want it, you’re just at the right spot.

Founded in 2015, we've made it our goal to simplify your life by making our food service as convenient and affordable as possible whilst taking you with us on a culinary journey that will excite your tongue. We've even added online ordering and more to our website, letting you order everything from fresh juices to soups and stews and more. Among dozens of eateries, family businesses and high-class restaurants, one is often hard pressed to make a choice for lunch, breakfast or dinner; with Choice Cuisine, you can access our menu and order your favourite meal online in just a few clicks!



Single Servings & Large Orders


Single Servings & Large Orders



Pies, Cakes, Samosas, Cakes etc.


Ice Creams, Juices, Teas, Shakes etc.



With Sauces or Stir-Fried ...


With Sauces, Chicken, Fish or Stir-Fried ...


Check out pictures of food we serve and some of our event setups.

At Choice Cuisine, we offer exquisite varieties for your tastebuds! Our signature shakes and juices are just to die for. So relax, and take a journey with us everytime you make an order.

What our customers say

Average customer rating 4.82 (253 votes)

  • Joe Sampeh
    My recent experience with Choice Cuisine was my best experience with any Food Service Company. In terms of Service Delivery, Food Presentation and Value for Money, Choice Cuisine definitely meets the Mark!
    Joe Sampeh
  • Angelica Stephens
    I engaged Choice Cuisine for my friend's house warming party. I was a bit worried if the food would not be to their liking. The team from Choice Cuisine was prompt and the setup was done before the event started. The food tasted great and the presentation was exceptional. I will definitely use you guys all the time.
    Angelica Stephens
  • Jenny Q
    This was my first time ordering bowls of soups from Choice Cuisine. I ordered from the website and it was very easy. The different mediums of payment also helped a lot. Delivery was earlier than expected and most importantly, they are really friendly. I will definitely contact Choice Cuisine again for my next event.
    Jenny Q